High Frequency Relays by StandexMeder Electronics

High frequency reed relays are capable of switching signals RF up to 7 GHz. This is achieved by keeping the signal path as short as possible. Additionally the relays use an internal coaxial shield with a consistent 50 Ohm impedance path. Not only is it excellent with RF signals, but is also great for digital signals where the skew rates or effects on the rise time of fast digital pulses is less than 40 picoseconds through the relay. Internal magnetic shield prevents any magnetic coupling effects between relays when designing a two dimensional or three dimensional relay matrix. These RF reed relays have a flat frequency response out to 20 GHz.

Basic technical specifications*
Series Description
Coil Voltage
Coil Resistance (Ω) Contact Form
Rated Power Max. (W)
MS 5V, 12V 280 – 700 1A (N.O.), 1B (N.O.), 2A (N.O.) 10
CRF 3V, 5V 70 – 150 1A (N.O.) 10
RM05-4A 5V 185 4A (N.O.), 2A (N.O.) + 2B (N.O.), 2B (N.O.) 10
SIL RF 5V, 12V 500 – 1000 1A (N.O.) 10

* Complete technical specifications can be found in the contact series data sheet

  • N.O. – Normally Open
  • N.C. – Normally Close