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RELMAG electronic – About Us

RELMAG electronic s.r.o. has been operational in the Czech Republic since 1991, originally under the company name MEDER electronic CZ s.r.o.  On March 1st 2011 we changed our company name but not our core competency, which still remains the same – the production and sales of reed technology products of StandexMeder Electronics.

RELMAG electronic s.r.o. is the market leader in the field of reed technology in the Czech Republic, especially due to our 30 years of experience and the base provided by our own production plant. We are a reliable partner for the production and sales of reed relays, sensors, switches and permanent magnets, including customized solutions.

RELMAG electronic s.r.o., thanks to a cooperation agreement with StandexMeder Electronics GmbH, is a producer of the reed products of StandexMeder Electronics and the sales representative of StandexMeder Electronics in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

RELMAG electronic s.r.o. has established and applies a Quality Management System in accordance to EN ISO 9001:2016.


Our company can offer you, thanks to many years of experience in the development and production of reed technology, a modification or development of a new product that will meet your specific requirements. Below are examples of the most common adjustments for each product area.

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Reed Switches

  • sorting specific magnetic sensitivity pull-in ranges
  • cutting and/or bending the reed switch contact leads for either horizontal or vertical surface mount applications or other special mounting requirements
  • examples of cutting or bending the reed switch leads can be viewed here

Reed Sensors & Magnets

  • with variety of possible different covers, type of magnets and the contact used, the sensors can be adjusted exactly according to the customer requirements for location and functionality

Reed Relay

For reed relays following parameters can be adjusted:

  • switching function – amount of switches and coils is variable
  • isolation resistance (in case of uncovered relay up to 10¹⁴Ω)
  • shielding
  • pins out
  • nominal coil voltage
  • electrostatic shielding

Level Sensors & Magnetic Floats

Custom level sensors can be modified for specific customer specification. The designs often include harsh environments, significant durability requirements, precise rate switching and modification of leads.

Didn´t you find a product that suits your preferences? Write us via our form below how your application should work and we will find the best solution for you.

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    RELMAG electronic s.r.o offers the following operations in accordance with our customers’ specification:


    Cutting/forming of reed-switch leads

    Cutting/forming axial leads

    Coil winding

    Manual mouting + soldering of PCBs

    Soft mechanical assembly

    Testing of insulation resistance to 20kVDC

    Sealing with PU resin

    Tampon printing to 30x30 mm

    Technical library

    Technical Databook – Reed Switch Technology Permanent Magnet Handling Precautions Magnetization Magnet Specifications Reed Switch Life Test Data Reed Switch Test Coils Reed Sensor Handling Precautions Reed Switch Handling Precautions Reed Relay Handling Precautions Reed Switch Precautions Contact Protection Basic Reed Switch Electrical Parameters of a Reed Switch Ampere Turns (AT) vs. milliTesla (mT) Reed Switch Used with a Permanent Magnet Reed Relay vs. Solid-State & Mechanical Relays Reed Switches vs. Mechanical Switches Activation Distances Reed Sensor Applications Reed Switch Used as a Reed Relay Reed Sensors vs. Hall Effect Sensors

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