Miniature Reed Switches (4 – 8 mm)

Ultraminiature reed switch series are some of the smallest switches currently available in the world. One example is the KSK-1A04 series.  Measuring just 3.95mm in glass length. This reed switch is produced in Germany and offers a unique flat lead construction. Furthermore, ultraminiature reed switch products have maintained their contact ratings as they’ve become smaller. This is due to advancements in reed switch contact materials and construction. Additionally, ultraminiature reed switches play an integral role in two of the most critical areas for miniaturization, the electronic and semiconductor equipment testing market and medical devices. But they they are also heavily used many other markets such as test equipment, telecommunications, security, automotive, appliances, industrial, and aerospace among others.


Basic technical specifications*
Reed Switch Series Overall Length
Glass Length
Glass Diameter (mm) Lead Diameter (mm) Contact Form Pull-In Range (AT) Rated Power Max. (W)
KSK-1A80/1 35,80 7,00 1,80 0,33 1A (N.O.) 10 – 40 10
KSK-1A80 35,60 7,00 1,80 0,30 1A (N.O.) 10 – 40 10
MK23-80 7,00 1,80 1A (N.O.) 10 – 40 10

* Complete technical specifications can be found in the contact series data sheet

  • N.O. – Normally Open
  • N.C. – Normally Close