Horizontal Mount Liquid Level Sensor

Horizontal Mount Liquid Level Sensor products can be mounted on the side of the liquid reservoir or vessel using their hardware either internally or externally.

Basic technical specifications*
Series Description
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Rated Power
Sensor / Float Material
LS03 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.); 1C (Changeover) 100W/400VDC/1.0A PA, PP/PA, PP
R12431 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.); 1C (Changeover) 10W/100V/0.5A
R12449 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.) 10W/100V/0.5A
R12456 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.) 10W/100V/0.5A

* Complete technical specifications can be found in the contact series data sheet

  • N.O. – Normally Open
  • N.C. – Normally Close