Value Reed Sensor

The best value reed sensor products are manufactured with our unique, patented, and highly automated production process allowing us to produce very cost-effective/industrial grade switches with outstanding physical and electrical characteristics. They are then packaged as a surface mount sensor or screw fastened flange mount sensor with a rectangular housing and cable terminals.

Basic technical specifications*
Reed Sensor Series
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Operating Range Rated Power Max. (W)
MK04 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.); 1C (Changeover) 10 – 60 AT 10
MK05 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.); 1C (Changeover) 10 – 60 AT 10
MK13 1A (N.O.); 1B (N.C.); 1C (Changeover) 10 – 60 AT 10
MK23 1A (N.O.); 1C (Changeover) 10 – 60 AT 100

* Complete technical specifications can be found in the contact series data sheet

  • N.O. – Normally Open
  • N.C. – Normally Close