High Insulation Relays

Relays series HI, BE-HI a MRE-HI can offer high insulation resistance up to 1 000 GΩ with low dielectric constant.

Basic technical specifications*
Series Description
Coil Voltage
Coil Resistance (Ω) Contact Form
Rated Power Max. (W)
HI 5V, 12V 140 – 900 1A (N.O.) 100
BE-HI 5V, 12V, 24V 30-7845 1-2 A (N.O.), 1-2B (N.C.), 1-2C (Changeover), 1-2E (Latching), 3A (N.O.), 4A (N.O.), 5A (N.O.) 100
MRE-HI 5V 1-4A (N.O.), 1-4B (N.C.), 1-4C (Changeover) 30

* Complete technical specifications can be found in the contact series data sheet

  • N.O. – Normally Open
  • N.C. – Normally Close